Of Hairskeen’s revolutionary hair loss solution for men, Celso Enrique Rivera, Educator for Hairskeen, says. “It’s not your grandpa’s toupee!” Puerto Rican-born Rivera infuses a sense of joy in every statement, punctuating life with effusive exclamation-points. He has worked in hair artistry for nearly 29 years, and from 2009 into the present has been a Top Hair Designer for Sebastian Professional. Now, as part of Hairskeen’s educational team located in the Boston area, he liberates grateful clients from the stress and embarrassment of male pattern hair loss with the brand’s super-realistic hair pieces that Hairskeen calls its “system.” Rivera himself used to shave his head in response to his early-onset, hereditary male pattern baldness, until he discovered Hairskeen. He even tried hair transplants, he says, but the thinning area was too big, making the DIY blade the only option. Until he discovered the natural-looking solution from Hairskeen.

“When I showed my Before’s and After’s on social media, all my colleagues from around the world went crazy and wanted me to teach them how to do it!”

The Hairskeen brand specializes in creating fashion-forward looks for non-surgical male hair replacement (translation: not implants), using human hair styled in modern, edgy cuts. In this sense, Rivera is a matchmaker, training hairdressers to match the Hairskeen product to the client, not only in terms of hair color and texture, but also attitude and lifestyle.

Especially noteworthy: fades, fringes, layered faux-hawks, undercuts, and playful, high-volume pompadours, Caesar cuts and quiffs.

These state-of-the art pieces are remarkably believable, especially in they way they mimic the natural hairline (usually the tattle-tale in a badly crafted or poorly fitted piece). Tousled, organic, casual styles help the wearer avoid another toupee-giveaway: a piece that just looks too perfect and “wiggy.” A Hairskeen system has a lived-in look and feel, making it undetectable when properly worn and styled.

Rivera explains that Hairskeen burst onto the hair wellness scene in 2015 when parent company Cosmecare International identified white space in the men’s hair space.

The natural hair used in the system is sourced primarily in Asia, and each hand-made system is customized by skilled, trained and Hairskeen-certified barbers and stylists, he explains. Rivera educates hairdressers so that they can set their clients up for success in enjoying their system, including care tips to prolong the life of their purchase.

Each system generally lasts the client between 2 to 4 months. The system works for any man, regardless of age or ethnicity, and Rivera emphasizes that stylists and barbers can optimize their clients’ results by enrolling in the HairSkeen Hair Academy—“…and don’t forget to bring your model to practice!”

Hairskeen Hair Academy offers an exclusive two-day certification course where stylists learn both the technical and “soft” skills of the Hairskeen hair loss solution method, including how to talk with clients and offer positive support to cement the professional relationship. Because class size is limited to 10-15 students, the immersion is intense, and participants walk out of the experience fully qualified to bring Hairskeen’s unique offering to their salon setting.

Salon Today and Modern Salon joined forces in 2017 to found the innovative HAIR+ program, focused on addressing the sharp rise in hair loss concerns among both men and women. Our HAIR+ research reveals that 81% of female customers and 75% of male customers now place priority on treating current or future hair loss as part of their professional hair services routine.

The Hairskeen experience opens up an entirely new revenue opportunity for stylists who can use their vocabulary of skills to integrate the applied system into the client’s remaining hair for a fresh, masculine look.

To learn how Rivera creates these transformations, visit the Hairskeen Academy.

Originally posted on Modern Salon