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Artist Connective member Josh DeMarco is the founder of award-winning DAPR Grooming Parlour in Philadelphia, which prides itself on its curated offering of goods and its “(D)edicated (A)pproach to (P)ersonal (R)efinement.”

To keep his space functioning at the top level, cleanliness and sanitation are key — especially in today’s times — and DeMarco relies on BARBICIDE products to help meet those needs. 

BARBICIDE is known worldwide as the ultimate product for EPA-registered disinfection in salons, barbershops and spas. The iconic blue liquid is trusted and effective, earning its reputation for creating a safe and clean salon.

“My craft never gets old,” DeMarco says. “That being said, it means we also touch a lot of heads of hair, which is why I disinfect my combs daily. Remember to soak your tools in BARBICIDE for 10 minutes. We owe it to our guests (and combs) to keep them clean and proper.”


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DeMarco has learned a few things over the years: He says that when he first started experimenting with clippers, he used his spray disinfectant just once a day, which he later learned was not nearly enough. "Every time your trimmer, clippers or balders touch someone’s head they should be sprayed in order to disinfect, lubricate and cool your blades,” he says. “Not only will CLIPPERCIDE by BARBICIDE keep your tools working their cleanest and best, it also keeps blades sharper, reduces friction and prevents rust allowing you to get the most out of your tools.”

DeMarco also uses BARBICIDE’s Ship-Shape Comb and Brush Cleaner to clean product build-up on his combs. He used to use shampoo as a cleanser, which he says never really did the job.


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“Trying to refine a line on dry hair with a gunk-covered comb is not easy to do or recommended,” DeMarco says. “Luckily, I discovered Ship Shape by BARBICIDE, which brings my combs back to life in minutes. Just throw them in the solution, let them soak and follow up with BARBICIDE for cleaned and disinfected combs (and brushes) in minutes.”

To learn more about Barbicide or get certified, visit their website www.barbicide.com.

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