New Must-Have Product: THE BEST PASTE
New Must-Have Product: THE BEST PASTE


Leading Hollywood Hairstylist Kristan Serafino knows what men want from their hair product: hold and shine. And now, she’s delivering it with her new product line, THE BEST PASTE. Available in five different product skus, THE BEST PASTE features varying holds and shine, with each paste coded by color.

Clients choose the combination they are looking for or take an online quiz to help guide them to the desired outcome at

Choose from Five Formulas

New Must-Have Product: THE BEST PASTE
New Must-Have Product: THE BEST PASTE

1. Matte Firm Hold (Orange):  a vegan matte hair paste that’s easy to use and wash

Out. It's water-based with a creamier texture than most hair pastes, so it won't

yank out your hair while you apply it. Ideal for that “just out of bed” look or any dry

style. It’s also a leave-in tamer for longer hair.

Scent: Vanilla Tobacco


2. Low Shine Medium Hold (Blue): easy to use, pliable hold product with a non-greasy matte

finish. Gives low shine and tons of texture with a medium hold. Great for messy pompadours, textured crops, and very thin hair.

Scent: Cherry Mint


3. Natural Shine Medium Hold (Green): a super flexible hold that won't leave your

pillow greasy or leave flakes.

Scent: Bay Rum & Mint


4. Natural Shine Firm Hold (Yellow): Features a heavier consistency than any of the other products with a strong, pliable hold. Just comb it into damp hair and get hold for days. Get the hold of a gel/wax without the harsh chemicals you typically find in this type of product.

Scent: Coconut & Leather


5. High Shine Light Hold (Pink): oil-based, petroleum free paste that keeps your hair healthy and leaves your scalp with a balanced pH.

Scent: Mint & Tea Tree


Applying the Paste

It’s simple:

1. Emulsify paste between fingertips and use on 80% damp to dry hair. Applying to wet hair will create a different shine level.

2. Apply from the back of head to front, then front to back (starting at the front

will make the hair sit heavy on the hairline).


Evolve your client’s style by simply changing his hair paste for one of our others and mix up the shine level and hold.

Learn more and order your favorite pastes at ($28/3oz size).