Summer is heating up and guys just wanna be cool.

Celebrity barbers and Gillette Barber Council members Josh Pereira and Chris Eliares share what's trending among their famous clientele this summer.

Skin Fade


Josh Pereira: @iamjoshpereira, recommends a skin fade to stay on trend and keep cool. 

“It can be frustrating to be in the heat with a big beard and a lot of hair," he says. "One of my top recommended summer hairstyles for guys looking to change it up is a skin fade because it helps to frame your face nicely and can keep you cooler on long hot days.

"For facial hair, you can certainly still keep a beard if that’s the look you like, but I recommend trimming it down. For this, it’s important to use a high-quality razor. I highly recommend the GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar, especially during sweaty summer days, because it’s built-in textured bar removes dirt and build-up from your skin before the blades pass for a clean, smooth shave ”

Skin fade by @iamjoshperiera

Refresh Your Face


Chris Eliares: @creamthebarber says good skin care is key. 

“A good skin care routine is key for making sure you look fresh all year round, but it’s especially critical during the summer when you're spending more time out in the sun," she says. "For shaving during the summer, you definitely want to have a refreshing shave gel that cools and soothes skin like GilletteLabs Rapid Foaming Shave Gel. This helps prevent irritation during the shave.  Post-shave, it’s super important to use a hydrating moisturizer. I recommend GilletteLabs Fast Absorbing Moisturizer for my clients because it’s ultra-lightweight and leaves a breathable finish with no greasy feeling, which is again great for the summer heat.”