Get discovered with Booksy

Get discovered with Booksy

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Singing along with famous musicians and head banging to guitar solos are part of what makes being in the crowd of a music festival so exhilarating. Now, imagine being backstage, not as a fan, but as a beauty professional responsible for those artist’s head turning hairstyles on stage. You can win chance to style some of the country’s most popular musicians through Booksy’s Get Discovered Backstage contest and make this dream a reality.

Get Discovered Backstage with Booksy

Booking and business technology provider Booksy has partnered with Idle Hand Collective (@idlehandcollective), a group of traveling barbers and hairstylists who provide complimentary haircuts to top performers and artists at music festivals around the world. Idle Hand Collective has spent a combined 30+ years on the road helping performers and other professionals look and feel their best before their gigs.

Booksy and Idle Hand Collective have joined forces to create this once in a lifetime contest for beauty professionals to cut and style hair for some of the country’s top music artists and have the chance to Get Discovered Backstage. Barbers, stylists, braiders, and nail artists have a chance to win an opportunity to showcase their talents backstage at major music festivals across the country like Riot Fest, Furnace Fest, and EDC Orlando from September to December 2022.

This contest supports Booksy’s “Get Discovered” campaign which launched in early 2022.

Booksy providers from across the country can enter to win the opportunity to join Idle Hands Collective and a current Booksy Ambassador this summer at one of many well-known music festivals all around the U.S., and provide service to artists preforming at the event.

This talent-based contest officially kicks off on July 11th, 2022 and will run through November 2022. Many beauty pros will win the opportunity of a lifetime — the chance to work on nationally acclaimed artists at one of about 20 multiple-day music festivals. 

To enter this contest, visit Booksy providers must meet these three eligibility requirements:

  1. Must have an active Booksy account.
  2. Have at least 10 reviews on your profile.
  3. Have cumulative profile review rating of at least a 4.8 or above.

Category-specific winners will be selected on a rolling weekly basis beginning in August, with the first participating festival in September. Booksy Ambassadors will be on hand and act as a mentor to the winners. Winners will also be able to experience exclusive one-on-one education, as well as learn and ask questions about the industry.

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