The limited-edition series is branded with the signature Popular Nobody “Atlas” Gorilla logo and...

The limited-edition series is branded with the signature Popular Nobody “Atlas” Gorilla logo and a design based on a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted colorway by B. Clark Customs.

Photo: Andis Company

Andis Company, manufacturer of barbering and styling tools and education for professional barbers and hair stylists, has joined forces with award-winning barber and educator John Mosley, known professionally as “Popular Nobody,” to launch a new collection.

One of Andis’ leading Global Educators and 2022 NAHA Educator of the Year, Mosley uses his influence to inspire creativity among professionals and this new collaboration, featuring three limited-edition tools, highlights his artistry and encourages others to create their way. 

“Kicking off our Creative Collab Series with John and his Popular Nobody brand is incredibly exciting. Andis is always looking to inspire and encourage others to create their way, so when we spoke with John about the idea of creating a custom clipper with a common vision to support a great cause, we were excited to bring it to life. We think people will really love what we’ve done with John and B. Clark Customs.”

— Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis VP of Marketing

Branded with the signature Popular Nobody “Atlas” Gorilla logo and a design based on a hand-painted colorway by B. Clark Customs, this special-edition release includes custom versions of the Master Cordless Li Clipper, the Cordless Envy Li Clipper, and the Slimline Pro Li Trimmer. Each tool for this collaboration was chosen by Mosley with professional creators in mind. It combines some of Andis' best-selling tools with the imagination and style of the Popular Nobody brand wrapped using fresh, modern colors, and a surprise black light glow design.

The Collection

  • Master Cordless Lithium-Ion Clipper: With a 90-minute cordless runtime and an aluminum housing, the Master Cordless offers high-speed power, constant speed, and an adjustable blade ideal for skin-tight fades and tapers.
  • Cordless Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper: With two hours of cordless runtime on a 90-minute charge, the lightweight Cordless Envy Adjustable Blade Clipper is designed for smaller hands. 
  • Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer: A lightweight profile and extra-sharp carbon-steel T-blade means this trimmer was built for ultra-close, precision detailing. The Slimline Pro Trimmer boasts an ergonomic design for controlled outlining, designing, and touchups on the neckline. 

Dedicated to giving back to his community, Mosley has pledged $10,000 of the proceeds from this collaboration to A Change is Coming, a Texas-based 501c non-profit foundation that provides scholarships to Black and Brown youth. Andis will also be making a matching grant of $10,000 through its Andis Foundation to support the group’s work.

“There comes a point in your career where you realize your success wouldn’t have been possible without someone else helping you," added Mosley. "As an Andis Global Educator, I have seen how teaching others to be successful makes a difference. This creative collab with Andis is a great expression of artistry and giving back and A Change Is Coming is the perfect partner to benefit from this project.”

These limited-edition tools will be sold separately on the Popular Nobody website. 

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