Xavier at work, surrounded by chaos, at Salon Xavier, Sag Harbor, NY

Xavier at work, surrounded by chaos, at Salon Xavier, Sag Harbor, NY


Even in the best of circumstances, cutting the hair of a distracted ten year old can be a test of one's abilities. Add to that sniffles, a younger brother, an editor with a microphone and being followed by a recording device - it can be close to impossible.

For most hairdressers.

Enter Xavier Merat, owner of Salon Xavier, Sag Harbor, New York. Known for his impressive finishes on adults, Merat appreciates the opportunity to work on the children of his high profile Hamptons clientele.

MODERN was there when an entire family stopped in for an end of summer upgrade, and asked all parties involved if we could capture a classic boys cut on the oldest son.

It was BEYOND impressive watching Merat tackle the challenge of working on Malcolm while brother Brandon made himself part of the experience. Merat points out that a kids cut should take 20 minutes or less and that the salon pro should check in frequently with the young client to make sure "all is well" while noting facial expressions and body language.

Here Merat demos the PERFECT kids cut while fielding questions and multiple diversions from left, right and center:

Xavier Merat offers a tour of Salon Xavier, Sag Harbor, New York:

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