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Philadelphia-based hairstylist and educator Josh DeMarco knows a thing or two about men's grooming. Not only is he the owner of DAPR Grooming Parlour (a multiaward-winning men's salon), but he's also gone viral: his most-viewed hair tutorial on Instagram earned him more than 25 million views.

"I take my craft very seriously," DeMarco says. "I'm passionate about sharing education. I feel like this is well reflected in my social feed and that is why I have an engaged following. I try my best to answer questions and interact with people too, which I hope is valuable for them."

DeMarco, who was named to MODERN's 2019 top 100, is a member of the Artist Connective. We often reach out to him when we're looking to gain insight into trend's in the men's grooming world. Recently, DeMarco created a video demoing his top tips for a graduated cut and style.

"Men's styling is really growing right now," DeMarco says. "You can't get away from it. I made this video to show techniques, tricks and tips about men's hair."

In the video, DeMarco shows how to create length on top while keeping the sides of the head tighter. 

Here are some of the video's key takeaways:

  • Sectioning is key. "I use my comb to section. It's very important that you section your hair cuts properly," DeMarco says. "If you section it too high, when you cut the hair it sticks straight up. I like to have my sectioning and his head shape dictate the shape I put through a hair cut."
  • Always comb down. "For a graduated cut, I'll comb everything down to make a really clean guideline," DeMarco says. "I always make sure my sections are clean and the hair is deeply saturated with water when I'm cutting. Hair that is too dry can lead to inconsistencies"
  • Make sure your chair is at the right height. "This sounds simple," DeMarco says. "But I can't tell you how much raising and lowering a chair can really be beneficial for controlling the hair cut."
  • Move their head if you have to. "A hair cut client is in your chair for 40 minutes max," DeMarco says. "But we're on our feet working all day. Make sure you move their head to make it easiest for you to get your best work down without over straining yourself."
  • Build the shape with your fingers to begin. "Once you can't grab the hair anymore because it's too short," DeMarco says. "then you can scissor over comb. You can't just use the client's previous hair cut as a guide, even if you were the only who cut it last time. Instead, I'm always using my foundation, which is graduation."
  • Cross check when you finish a panel. "The movement is so important in making sure your graduation is correct," DeMarco says.
  • Choose the right tension. "You need to make sure the tension you're using really benefits the hair texture," DeMarco says. "On this particular client, who has straight hair, too much tension wouldn't affect the shape to much. But if he had curly hair, too much tension, you might cut it and it could jump back and be too short. Not enough means not being able to control the shape."
  • Never scissor over comb on wet hair. "I always aim to do at least a 20-second blow dry," DeMarco says. "I use my Dyson Supersonic hair dryer professional edition on high heat with a medium airflow setting."
  • Ask your client about how they style their hair. "It gives you insight if they want or care about length," DeMarco says.
  • Use the right tools for styling. "A key tool for men's styling is the hair dryer," DeMarco says. "With the wide-tooth comb attachment from Dyson, I can go through my client's hair and just give him instant volume in a short amount of time."

Check out the full video and more tips from DeMarco here:


DeMarco's Secret to Volume in Men's Styles:

When looking to add volume and teach his client's how to best style their hair, DeMarco reaches for his Dyson Supersonic pro. 

"As someone who appreciates craftsmanship and attention to detail, I can honestly say that the Dyson Supersonic is unlike anything I’ve ever used and is truly the most impressive hair dryer on the market," he says. "From the magnetic attachments to the size, shape and sound, the Supersonic is a must-have."

Featuring intelligent heat control, the Supersonic Pro measures air temperature more than 40 times per second and transmits calculated instructions to the heating element to timely regulate the temperature. 

This Intelligent Heat Control ensures that the Supersonic Pro does not exceed 293°F. It’s when temperatures exceed 302 degrees that real damage can happen—it can cause hair keratin denaturation and can cause inner structural damage like cortex loss and medulla pores. Its V9 motor spins at up to 110,000 rpm, and Dyson's Air Multiplier Technology produces a high-pressure, high-velocity jet of air. 

Originally posted on Modern Salon