Hair: Trevor James

Hair: Trevor James

According to MODERN SALON’S HAIR+ research studies, there is a demand for salon products, services and consultation in hair loss and thinning, a demand that has been steadily increasing.

Guests are concerned about hair loss, but don’t know who to talk to about it—that conversation must start with the stylist. Bringing up the topic of thinning hair with any client can be intimidating. And often, male clientele can be less direct about their own hair thinning and hair loss than women.

“You will know in the first few seconds of the consultation that they struggle with their hair loss,” says  Trevor James, a Chicago-based men’s grooming specialist. “They are absolutely the first ones to make a joke about it. As much as they joke about it, I know it comes from a place of sensitivity, so I do my best to comfort and assure them that I can work around that and help them with the aesthetics of their hair appearing thicker. It’s all about making them feel comfortable and confident.”

Beyond arming yourself with the expertise needed to have that conversation with your guest, you must also arm yourself with the skills to give him the illusion of fullness. James says there are both cutting and styling techniques to do so.

Taking the time to educate him on these is key in becoming a resource and confidant to him on this journey. Let him know the thought process and reasoning behind what you are doing in the mirror.

Texture and volume are two of the most important elements in making hair seem thicker.

“To achieve texture on my fine-haired clients, I tend to use a chunking shear, or if I’m point cutting I will approach it with a chunkier cut,” James says. “Thicker sections with more drastic variations in length can, believe it or not, make finer hair more lively and the shorter hair that has been cut during the texture phase actually acts as a support to the longer lengths, emphasizing volume and structural hold of the shape you’re creating.”

When styling, James says guests won’t get the volume that some styles call for if they don’t use a hairdryer. James uses the Dyson Supersonic™ Professional edition in conjunction with a thickening spray, dry shampoo or other products that encourage volume and support to aid in the illusion of a thicker head of hair.

“Take time with your guests dealing with hair loss or thinning; educate them, talk to them, and I can almost promise you that they will stay with you indefinitely,” James says.

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