From Sanitation to Social Media, Andis Advises These Strategies for Navigating COVID-19 Crisis


The world can feel upside down, right now, with nothing certain. We hear updates, constantly, that change how we were functioning and we question our decisions. To stay open or to close (if we have the option)? And how to talk to our clients about our plans?  Staying on top of relaying information is a job in itself.  That's why Andis stepped up... 

Dear Beauty and Barber Industry,

We recognize that COVID-19 has recently caused many of you to take sudden action to protect yourselves, your clients, your business and your loved ones.

This is a very challenging time when we must band together as a resilient industry to support one another's wellbeing.

We at Andis want to do our part to provide resources to guide you in finding what you need to ensure your personal safety and the sustainability of your business is protected.

We've gathered websites offering guidance and relief efforts, as well as suggested safety practices to reduce the spread of this highly contagious virus. Lastly, a tip sheet on best practices for communicating on social media.

Additionally, we've provided script on addressing this matter on behalf of your business.

We are with you all during this difficult time and will continue to provide you with information in efforts to support you.

All the best,


These helpful links from Andis take you to prepared talking points and client communications so you can copy-and-paste, use what you need, and move forward. When you use one of these templates and are able to mark one thing off your to-do list, send up some thanks to Andis. 

Also check out this link to Shopify. They are compiling a list of organizations around the world, offering relief to small businesses.

Learn more at Andis


Originally posted on Modern Salon