HAIR by @gianniscumaci

HAIR by @gianniscumaci

This beautiful shape was created by Gianni Scumaci (@gianniscumaci), the director of GS Education and the vision director for John Frieda Salons in London.  His feed is filled with inspiring cuts and designs, including this "Broken Shag." 

"Broken layers were used to creat this look," Scumaci explains. "I disconnected the ends to leave them weightless for the movement along with lifting the color and applying a soft pastel hue to compliment the shape." (Haircolor by @emmadexnolan)

Scumaci broke down the haircut into ten steps. Also on his feed is a shout-out to stylists, everywhere, to stay strong in these difficult times.

"For all hairdressers around the world missing what they love doing every day, remember that you are missed and loved by your clients and teams and as an industry and by our very nature we will adapt like we do on a daily basis. I miss and love being in the salon with my amazing clients and @johnfriedasalons @nicolaclarkecolour family but we will meet again and when we do it will be better than ever before and post COVID-19, I will still be running behind. 🙏🏻❤️"


ONE:  Section off from vertically centre front to center back and horizontally, ear to ear.

TWO:  Section two triangle sections from where the head rounds creating a diamond panel on the top.

THREE: Section a discontented panel across the front hairline.

FOUR: Start by graduating the back leaving length around the hairline, over directing to retain length towards the ear.

FIVE: Layer the front panel working backwards towards the back, retaining length around the jaw and ear.

SIX:  Connect the back and front together rounding off any corners of weight.

SEVEN:  Dry the underneath shape and refine the outlines by softly pointing removing the weight required.

EIGHT:  Razor the fringe area to the desired length keeping softness on the ends.

NINE:  Release the top and razor cut the lengths in a rounded shape leaving length toward the edges.

TEN: Dry and top and use fingers to allow movement and texture to develop with the feeling of the haircut.

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