Eufora Men’s Team Co-Lead and barber extraordinaire, Dana Caschetta, knows when her clients are starting to feel a little fatigued and is a pro at helping them switch up their personal style.

“Even short men’s cuts can be flexible if you know how to craft a smart cut so that the wearer has multiple style options,” says Cashetta. “Most men who visit a salon or barber expect a lot of mileage from their cut, so I focus on the shape of a classic fade. Shape can mean just as much as length and blend… if not more. This is where I can truly customize a look to suit a face shape, head shape, and hair texture. If you want to build in versatility so that your client can create different shapes and styles, then there is no such thing as a ‘basic fade.’ It is always custom, and product choices are key in creating the final looks.”

To demonstrate Fade Flexibility, Dana styled different looks all easily do-able for the model at home, post-shoot.

Strong Silent Type


To create this confident and modern take on the Caesar, HERO Firm Hold Gel was worked through clean, dry hair, then combed through to shape and define the waves, providing super shine without crunch.

Killer Casual


To show off wave and texture in an effortless manner, Caschetta used a cocktail of HERO Molding Paste and Power Pomade. To avoid unnatural looking hold, Caschetta says to always apply the cocktail to damp hair using fingertips, then gently blow dry with low heat and push the hair in an upward direction.

Each style brings a different personality to life. A timely message from the Eufora Men’s Team - anyone can choose to change their mind, mood and attitude if looking for a fresh outlook to emerge!


Creative Direction and Hair: Dana Caschetta and Omar Ahmed

Photography: Ron Ulip, Freshly Cut Film

Model: Bryan Malyck, Q Management

Originally posted on Modern Salon

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