According to TikTok, perms are trending … in mens’ hair.

Search #boyperm on the app and find thousands of videos of young men getting perms. That’s right, perms are back and they’re not for grandmas anymore.

Today, young men ages 17-24 are the leading clientele in the perm and texture category.

Catch a Wave: Men's Perms are Trending
Catch a Wave: Men's Perms are Trending

Educate Yourself

Curl Cult has been watching the male perm trend and developed a short hair, barber-focused curriculum and certification to help expand the trend into more barbershops and salons across the country.

Curl Cult will debut a barber-focused, modern approach with it’s Barber Series Launch Event, and in-person and online event on Monday, September 12, 2022.

During the two-hour course, attendees will learn how to achieve numerous custom textured looks taught by Curl Cult founder Janine Jarman. She’ll demonstrate how Curl Cult’s patent-pending formulation helps barbers and stylists add the trending texture service to their menu without additional time behind the chair.

Guests will see firsthand how the Curl Cult perm service itself can be done in under an hour and gives clients a fresh, updated look with no muss, no fuss styling.

To complement the newly textured hair, Reuzel “Scumbassador” Taylor Hernandez will demonstrate different ways to cut and style the hair post-perm service.

Catch a Wave: Men's Perms are Trending
Catch a Wave: Men's Perms are Trending

How to Attend Curl Cult Barber Series Launch Event

Date: September 12, 2022

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM PST

Fee: Free for online; $25 for in-person which is applied towards purchase of any Curl Cult® products

Zoom registration link:

VIP (View-In-Person) Access: available by request: [email protected]

For barbers and stylists unable to attend the event in-person or online, Curl Cult will also offer a Curl Cult Barber Certification Course online at Or check out the certification page on website: