Melissa Wilson, director of education at Woodhouse Spa, answers our questions about skin care...

Melissa Wilson, director of education at Woodhouse Spa, answers our questions about skin care for men. 

The end of August sees kids going back to school and signals the beginning of the months of September, October, November and December that bring the crisp chill of fall/winter and drier air. Melissa Wilson, director of education at Woodhouse Spas oversees the treatment design, protocols and service experience for Woodhouse’s 75+ national locations, offers skin care tips and to help elevate the experience for male clients:   

BARBERING TODAY: With autumn coming, what should men do for skincare in general? 

Wilson: As a rule, men’s skin tends to be thicker and produce more oil than women. Men should follow the same holy grail steps as women: cleanse, protect/treat, moisturize and always apply spf. The products formulated for men’s skin tend to be lighter in texture and lean toward more gels, rather than creams.

BARBERING TODAY: What if my client wears a beard? 

Wilson: If a man wears a beard, he should take extra care to cleanse that area thoroughly, just as he would the hair on his scalp. The act of shaving acts as a good exfoliation for the skin, so if someone isn’t shaving, they should look toward different exfoliation techniques like AHAs or enzymes. Keep beard oils and conditioners at the ends of the beard, away from the skin.

BARBERING TODAY: What if my client is bald or thinning with visible scalp?

Wilson: Protection and prevention are key. A vitamin C serum should be applied to the face and any exposed skin on the head, including ears. A high SPF is non-negotiable. It is a must, as is a hat if outside. 

BARBERING TODAY: How does skincare change for men as they age? 

Men will need to start thinking about heavier moisturizers as they age, as well as working a retinol into their routine. The signs of sun damage will show up with age, so intense pulse lights (IPL) or even Fraxel treatments can be a great option to reduce brown age spots and help with skin texture.

BARBERING TODAY: How is skincare this fall based on region? 

As temperatures drop, usually the ambient air becomes less humid, so a heavier moisturizer will be needed. A warm fall favors outdoor sports, so continued use of SPF is a must. A chilly fall can be a great time to do more intensive anti-aging procedures like laser treatments or peels.

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