Scissors & Scotch Expands in Texas
Scissors & Scotch Expands in Texas

Scissors & Scotch, an upscale men’s grooming experience franchise--where guests come for the barbering and stay for the bar--has recently signed a huge deal with franchisee Bryan Frnka, who plans to develop the Houston and San Antonio markets.

Frnka originally worked as an HVAC technician before joining franchising 19 years ago. Currently, he owns 13 franchise locations across three separate brands, the newest being Scissors & Scotch. “What’s important to me when partnering with a franchisor is their commitment to each franchisee,” said Frnka. “When I met with the guys over at Scissors & Scotch, it was clear they would be investing in me as much as I was investing in their franchise.”

While COVID-19 has caused some challenges with recruitment and staffing, Frnka is only looking toward the future. Having recently signed a 10-store regional development deal, Bryan is excited to bring the Scissors & Scotch concept to more people in the Houston and San Antonio markets.

"The hardest lesson I learned after joining the franchise industry was expanding too quickly while undercapitalized,” said Frnka. “What’s great about being a regional developer is that I recruit franchisees to open locations in my region. The franchisees are responsible for having the proper funds to build and own the shop. It allows me to continue growing my business while also encouraging others to build theirs, but with a little more structure and safety.”

Considering Scissors & Scotch’s goal of having 100 shops open by 2024, the regional development model not only works but is necessary to achieve the growth the brand is looking for. “Bryan is an awesome franchisee,” says Co-Founder Erik Anderson, “We have no doubt that he’s going to do incredible things in the Houston and San Antonio markets. We’re looking forward to welcoming the franchisees he brings on board as well.”

The men’s grooming market continues to grow within the recession-resistant beauty industry. Men are becoming more selective when it comes to self-care. Fortunately, Scissors & Scotch has been ahead of the curve since 2015. Serving a top-shelf 7-star experience along with a full cocktail lounge, Scissors & Scotch provides “superior grooming for sophisticated gentlemen” along with a badass franchising opportunity.

About Scissors and Scotch: Founded in 2015 by three friends, Scissors & Scotch offers men a unique place to get great haircuts and shaves, have a drink, and relax. As a rapidly growing franchise in an essential industry, Scissors & Scotch has grown to 13 locations in nine states (with 50+ more locations sold and/or currently under development) and provided its 7,000 members with more than one million badass services to date. These services include haircuts, shaves, trims, and waxing — along with a complimentary drink from the full-service lounge and bar members can access at each location around the country. For more information, visit, or for franchise information, visit

Originally posted on Salon Today