Sport Clips Haircuts stylists, the pros in men's hair, have the opportunity each year to put their creativity on stage before the thousands gathered for the franchise's annual Huddle, and compete in "The Look" competition. This year's focus was on music in keeping with the annual meeting location in Nashville with entries coming from all parts of the country and Canada.

"The Look" winner ­­Melih Solano, stylist and co-area manager, Rio Rancho New Mexico.

"The Look" winner ­­Melih Solano, stylist and co-area manager, Rio Rancho New Mexico.


The five finalists included this year's The Look winner ­­Melih Solano, stylist and co-area manager, Rio Rancho New Mexico along with:

·        Runner-up Samantha Burkman, stylist, manager – Jackson, Tennessee

·        Third place Jessica Erler, stylist, assistant manager – Ontario, Canada

·        Honorable mention Chelsea Bareky, stylist, manager – San Antonio, Texas

·        Honorable mention Robin Clement, stylist, manager – Waterville, Maine

·        Honorable mention Rachel Taylor, stylist, assistant manager, brand ambassador, marketing specialist – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


The 2022 "The Look" contestants.  ​

The 2022 "The Look" contestants.  ​

A Creative Opportunity

"If you like creativity, then becoming a stylist is the perfect career opportunity for you," says Stacia Kelley, Sport Clips Haircuts Artistic Director. "Sport Clips specializes in men's and boys' hair, and we have expertly trained stylists who focus on it daily. That's where the creativity comes in—making these very detailed types of cutting techniques work for guys and all the different looks they want to rock."

Winner Solano says she became a stylist because she wanted a creative profession that helps "people feel and look good" and did so with a throwback to '80s hip hop, channeling a Kid 'n Play look. She used Babyliss tools and Gibs Grooming products to hold that high flattop.

Runner-up Burkman, who says she wants to inspire her daughters to also work in a creative profession, created a bold fade mohawk with Babyliss tools as an homage to One Direction's Zayn Malik and finished it with Mitch's HardwiredTM and AlternatorTM by American Crew.

Erler, whose mom was a stylist and grew up in a family with a franchise haircare business, says her style was one created for “work or play.” She says products aren’t needed for the day look but making it sleek for going out is easy with MVRCK® grooming spray and Reformer® by Paul Mitchell.

As honorable mention, Bareky, a U.S. Navy veteran, says she's been doing hair since she was in the military. Her look was inspired by the 2000s "emo music" scene and created with Babyliss, and Shark Fin tools using Gibs Grooming products.

Honorable mention Clement became a stylist because she "loves hair, style and people" and took a mullet to a mohawk using clippers and Mitch Construction PasteTM and Sexy Hair's Powder PlayTM.

Honorable mention Taylor, who originally wanted to be a nurse but decided she could serve others by helping them look and feel better, made a model look like a musician with a drop fade using Gamma+, Babyliss and Olivia Garden tools. She used Gibs Grooming El Rey and Brawler products.

The looks they created were judged by some of the industry's most recognized professionals – Jim Massey with American Crew, Danny Amorim with Gibs Grooming and Angie Krantz with Direct Beauty Express.

As the winner, Solano received $2,500, runner-up Burkman was awarded $1,500, third place Erler received $1,000 and honorable mentions were recognized with $500 each. All finalists were awarded prizes from Sharkfin Shears, Gibs Grooming, JPMS, American Crew, Sexy Hair, ACTIIV, and DBE.

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