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Who says barbers can’t showcase their personal style through their tools? Valera, the leading Swiss manufacturer of precision hairstyling tools for beauty professionals around the globe, proudly introduces their Classic 1955 hair dryer. This iconic dryer is not just a tool, it’s a statement, designed to resonate with the vintage style of traditional barber shops and today’s modern man.

The Classic 1955 dryer perfectly combines the tradition look of the past with the functionality demanded by today’s hairstylists and barbers. Its chrome-plated steel, complemented by a sophisticated curved burgundy handle, shows timeless charm while meeting the professional standards of present-day hairstyling. Maintaining Valera's reputation for excellence, the Classic 1955 incorporates the same renowned features that set Valera apart.

Among its impressive features, the dryer includes Valera's signature Backstop System, ensuring hair remains free from entanglement in the fan assembly, which safeguards the motor from breakdowns. Elevating the salon experience further, Valera's Sanify System promotes a safer and healthier environment, using ionization to purify the air and create a space that’s like breathing fresh air in nature. The dryer's Touch Me Nozzle adds the finishing touch, never overheating and allowing touch and rotation in any direction during use.

Other Key Features Include:

  • Metal Body in Chrome-Plated Premium Steel
  • Ion Generator
  • Super Air Power
  • 1 Ultra-Slim Nozzle
  • Removable Metallic Filter
  • 6 Air Flow/Temperature Settings
  • Cold Air Button
  • 9 ft. (2.74 m) SuperFlex cord with ROTOCORD
  • Flannel pouch

Tailored for both hairdressers and barbers, the Classic 1955 dryer elevates your styling game and allows you to infuse a touch of your unique personality into your craft. Unleash your full potential with Valera.

For information, please visit valerausa.com. To order please visit: www.trubeautyconcepts.com.



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